November 18, 2009

A Tale of Two Tims

In 2006, after the governor’s election I noted signs of a “new warm and fuzzy T-Paw.” The newly (narrowly) re-elected Guv was acknowledging global warming, advocating extending healthcare and working constructively with unions. Well, no surprise that with T-Paw now in the Republican presidential primary field he is becoming a lot less warm and fuzzy and making a clear shift to the right. Here’s a snapshot comparing things I pointed out in 2006:

Global Warming
2006 – T-Paw introduces his bold “Next Generation Energy Initiative” which he signed into law in 2007 – and included aggressive goals for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Minnesota.

2009 – T-Paw backs away from any acknlowedgment that human activity contributes to climate change and says Cap and Trade plans to reduce greenhouse emissions would wreck the national economy. (Think Progress and The American Spectator note the change)

Healthcare Reform
2006 – T-Paw does “about face on health care” . . . says he wants to extend health insurance coverage to all Minnesota children.

2009 – T-Paw shifts his healthcare rhetoric from helping ininsured children to . . . I don’t know . . .he sounds more like Palin. Here’s how he’s describing the current care reform proposals

“It’s rare for Congress to work on weekends, but even rarer that a bill this anti-freedom comes along, it’s anti-freedom because it raises taxes, it’s anti-freedom because it explodes bureaucracy. And it’s anti-freedom because it puts government in charge of health care decisions.”

Making Nice With Unions
2006 – T-Paw gives state employees, an unprompted, a one-time health insurance premium “holiday” due to an excess surplus in the Minnesota . . .”

2009 – T-Paw (in 2008 actually) vetoes resolution backing Employee Free Choice Act.

These things are really no surprise . . it’s common for presidential candidates to have to move toward the more extreme parts of their party to secure a nomination, but it’s still important to hold them accountable when a change in position is due to political pandering rather than a thoughtful consideration of the issues. You can make your own decision on T-Paw’s motives . . . just don’t expect T-Paw to be warm and fuzzy anymore.


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